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A unique learning program consisting of 15 one-hour classes with information from top managers, agents, promoters, Press and PR personnel, attorneys, record company executives and more.

Led by legend Jim Halsey, these classes give you the important information needed to have success in the music industry. Whether you are an artist or an entrepreneur who loves music, this course delivers material essential to getting started. Each class is divided into 8-10 lessons giving you time to absorb this extraordinary information. Get started today.


    In these classes, some of the top industry experts give unrivalled advice on how to be successful in the Music business.

    Tap into an elite network of endless knowledge that will help shape your career in the business you love.

    We share expert information that you won’t find anywhere else.


    Starmaker 360 allows users the opportunity learn from experts at The Halsey Institute.

    Including classes and interviews lead by Starmaker 360 allows users the opportunity learn from experts at The Halsey Institute including classes and interviews lead by music legends, power talent agents, artist managers, respected leaders in the field of marketing, publishing, touring, brand management, sponsorship, video production, legal representation, marketing, communications, promotions, talent buying, non-profit, finance and much more.


  • Mike Dungan : Chairman UMG Nashville
  • Troy Bailey : Bailey Brand Management
  • Jim Mazza : Kenny Rogers’ Manager
  • Bob Burwell : Vector Management
  • Jay Shanker : Music Business Attorney
  • Brian O’Connell : President of Live Nation Country Touring
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry Member Roy Clark
  • Paul Sizelove Vice-President of Gaither Music Group

Learn From Top Industry Professionals.

Inspirational Lessons Include

  • Getting Discovered

  • Making Money

  • Finding/Becoming A Manager

  • Finding/Becoming An Agent

  • How To Make A Good Demo

  • The Record Deal

  • Copyright Protection

  • Steps to Stardom

  • And Much More

  • Start Today!

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