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Starmaker350 is a unique learning program consisting of 15 one-hour classes with information from top managers, agents, promoters, Press and PR personnel, attorneys, record company executives and more. Led by legend Jim Halsey, these classes give you the important information needed to have success in the music industry. Whether you are an artist or an entrepreneur who loves music, this course delivers material essential to getting started. Each class is divided into 8-10 lessons giving you time to absorb this extraordinary information. Get started today.


In these classes, some of the top industry experts give unrivalled advice on how to be successful in the Music business. Tap into an elite network of endless knowledge that will help shape your career in the business you love. Ask the experts, chat rooms and much more. Start your path to success today!

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Dwight Yoakam, Doc McGhee – CEO of McGhee Entertainment, Mike Dungan – Chairman UMG Nashville, Troy Bailey – Bailey Brand Management, Jim Mazza – Kenny Rogers’ Manager, Bob Burwell – Vector Management, Jay Shanker – Music Business Attorney, Brian O’Connell – President of Live Nation Country Touring, Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry Member Roy Clark, Paul Sizelove, Vice-President of Gaither Music Group, leading agents from top agencies and many more.


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Inspirational Lessons include

Getting Discovered

Finding a Manager

Getting Your Songs Heard

The Record Deal

Steps to Stardom

Making Money


How to make a Good Demo

Copyright Protection

and much more

DOWNLOAD NOW and “Start Learning” the Music & Entertainment business TODAY!  For a limited time only get VIP access all areas for only $499! 

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Starmaker 360 allows users the opportunity learn from experts at The Halsey Institute including classes and interviews lead by music legends, power talent agents, artist managers, respected leaders in the field of marketing, publishing, touring, brand management, sponsorship, video production, legal representation, marketing, communications, promotions, talent buying, non-profit, finance and much more.


Starmaker students will gain exclusive insider information on what it takes to be successful in the entertainment and music business – both from an industry leader’s and an artist perspective. In addition, the Starmaker app provides opportunities to interact and network with the same industry experts, including Dr. Halsey, with hosted in-app Q&A, exclusive to subscribers.


The original star maker, legendary music impresario Dr. Jim Halsey has set the standard in the music industry for over 60 years. In his honored career, he has guided; and in many cases discovered – world famous household names such as The Oak Ridge Boys, Roy Clark, Hank Thompson, Reba McEntire to name but a few.

He founded The Jim Halsey Music Business Institute with educational programs at universities in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma. He continued to develop the program in Nashville and beyond, collecting and curating interviews and information from leaders throughout the entertainment and music business.

Halsey has represented and guided the careers as a manager or booking agent – for nearly thirty members of the Country Music Hall of Fame, of whom countless ACM, CMA, GRAMMYs and number one singles and platinum albums have been awarded.

In 1990, he sold his agency and founded the Jim Halsey Music Business Institute, wanting to focus on helping others pursue their dreams and being successful in the music industry.

When he is not traveling, teaching, or writing, he lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with his wife Minisa.

Hall of Fame Clients

Jim has Managed or Booked almost 30 Hall of Fame clients in his 60 years in the music business.

Country Music Hall of Fame

  • 2015: Oak Ridge Boys
  • 2018: Dottie West
  • 2018: Johnny Gimble
  • 2017: Jerry Reed
  • 2014: Ronnie Milsap
  • 2014: Mac Wiseman
  • 2013: Bobby Bare
  • 2011: Reba McEntire
  • 2010: Don Williams
  • 2010: Ferlin Husky
  • 2009: Roy Clark
  • 2010: Jimmy Dean
  • 2007: Mel Tillis
  • 2005: Glen Campbell
  • 2003: Floyd Cramer
  • 2002: Porter Wagoner
  • 2001: Waylon Jennings
  • 1999: Conway Twitty
  • 1998: Tammy Wynette
  • 1997: Brenda Lee
  • 1989: Hank Thompson
  • 1996: Ray Price
  • 1994: Merle Haggard
  • 1993: Willie Nelson
  • 1992: George Jones
  • 1978: Grandpa Jones
  • 1977: Merle Travis
  • 1975: Minnie Pearl
  • 1964: Tex Ritter

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

  • 2011: Leon Russell
  • 2009: Wanda Jackson
  • 2003: Floyd Cramer
  • 2003: The Righteous Brothers
  • 2002: Brenda Lee
  • 1987: Carl Perkins
  • 1987: Ricky Nelson
  • 1987: Roy Orbison
  • 1986: James Brown
  • 1986: Jerry Lee Lewis

Oklahoma Hall of Fame

  • 2015: Jim Halsey
  • 2014: Wanda Jackson
  • 1998: Reba McEntire
  • 1982: Roy Clark


Dont Just take our word for it!  See what other Industry experts, artists and superstars have to say about Music Impresario – Jim Halsey.

“Jim Halsey’s most recent Las Vegas accomplishment deserves a place in the Guinness Book of World Records”

Joe Delaney

Las Vegas Sun

“Jim Halsey has been called the single most important man in Country Music”

Fred Deller, Richard Wootten


“Some call him the prince of pickin’ and grinnin’, while others say he’s the most influential man in country music”

Associated Press & LA Times

“Jim Halsey is to country music what William Morris and I.C.M. are to Hollywood talent.”

James Bacon


“When it comes to today’s sophisticated marketing of country music, Jim Halsey does not play second fiddle to anybody”

James Morgan


“Halsey, an energetic personal manager, a mobile force in keeping his acts on top”

Pat Nelson


“Jim Halsey is a seasoned professional, offering priceless information on how to succeed in the competitive and constantly changing business”

David P. Leonard


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